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It was 1992 and The Bodyguard premiered earlier that year. I loved that movie and I LOVED that song. I sat in my room with that song on repeat, belting out those lines and creating what seemed like perfect harmony with her. I was going to be a singer and dancer. 





Somewhere: A Talent Show, 2015

Screentests for Somewhere, 2015


Chicago Artists Coalition, 2016


The Moment of Engagement: 

Special Feature from The Rehearsal (feat. NEOCraft)


A Ship in The Woods, San Diego, CA 


Casting Call






Whether narrating pivotal sex scenes from 90’s films, or taking on the role of actress being fed plot points for a romantic drama, Smallwood has found a captivating star in her own mother. Her mother’s earnest and detailed narration of the romantic on-screen action, as well as her willingness as an actress to follow her daughter’s off camera directives, help Smallwood expose the highly constructed - and often ridiculous - nature of popular romantic movie scenes and narratives. Smallwood deftly creates a situation where the performer must actively negotiate the space between acting and being while the camera is rolling. As such, she invites the viewer to participate in the ongoing construction of the performance and the building of the romantic tropes.

-Sara Holwerda for the Nightingale Cinema - February 17th, 2017

The Nightingale, Chicago


The Nightingale, Chicago


High Concept Laboratories, Chicago

The Nightingale, Chicago